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Gain the top spot on Google searches for your industry's respective keywords. Searchify grants you insight on your competitors and where their digital marketing efforts are focused.

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Turning problems into solutions

Intimately observe your
company's SEO progress
with our powerful visual
data & AI generation tools.
Our tools allow you to closely
monitor your company's progress.

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Rescription Tool

The days of writing from start-to-finish are behind us. With the help of our natural language processing AI, we can help you rewrite ad-copy, blogs, titles, descriptions, and well... anything really!

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Keyword Analysis

Want to know more about your competitors and why their keywords are succeeding where yours might not be? Find data presented in a easily-digestible dashboard is at your full disposal. The leverage is yours.

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HTML Tag Improvements

Search engines fixate on 8 crucial HTML tags, our AI assists you with identifying how you can improve them within your domain. What does this achieve exactly? Increased visibility for your customers on Google.

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Real-Time Analytics

Before you grow... Let's figure out where you're at, together. We'll show you side-by-side comparisons of your website on a stand-alone basis, as well as against competitors. See dashboards of your chosen analytics metrics and their rankings over time.

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Competitor Insights

Data this accurate must be handled with care. The level of intel we have on your competitors, whether city-wide, country-wide, or globally... we've done our homework. This grants your business with clear calls-to-action as to where efforts must be prioritized.

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Brand Consultation

Think of us as a brand asset in your pocket. We will take your brand perception a cut above your competitors, whether by means of your active advertisements, landing page, or verbiage.

Your audience is searching, and we're helping them find you.

Our bespoke SEO tools can help increase your ranking on search engine results pages, in turn bringing more traffic to your website, and most importantly, attracting the customers you need. We are like your own personal intelligence agency, providing you with a comprehensive view of your online presence and helping you make informed decisions for your business. To track your progress, we highly recommend Searchify as a tool to proactively monitor, prior to hiring any local marketing agencies.

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< 10 second AI generated content

Tell us your industry, select your keywords, and our AI will produce your written content instantly.

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Searchify increases your ranking

Through suggestions, and refining the way your website presents, reads, and functions. Searchify constantly seeks to provide actionable takeaways and suggestions to expedite your company's digital growth.

Seamlessly analyze your competitive landscape

See where you stand in comparison to competing businesses in your vicinity. Our visual data is captivating, easy to digest, and most of all, capable of being leveraged.

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Have a direct pulse on your company's digital health

In order to see growth, you must first know where you stand. Our data is updated on a daily basis to ensure you have the most up-to-date actionable information at your finger tips.

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Competitor Analytics

Learn more about where your competitors are prioritizing their efforts, what keywords yield them the greatest amount of clicks, and much more. We'll keep track of the nitty gritty details, not only yours, but your competitors too. Monitor city-wide, country-wide, and global rankings, top sources of traffic generation, market share, and much more.

Let's get you to #1, together.

Get started

It's really as easy as 1-2-3. Create your account, add in your API key, and give our AI some topics to write about!


Create your account

We also advise all of our users to use an added method of authentication such as 2FA or Google Authenticator.

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Integrate your website

With our simple instruction, we'll show you how to input your API key from your website into ours to begin your plug-and-play with Searchify.IO.

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Start improving your ranking

From there, you'll begin to see the fruits of your labour instantaneously.

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What our customers say

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"Truly a game changer for our business"

Within 1 year, Searchify had increased Soap & More's city-wide, and country-wide keyword rankings to #1 in over 15 different categories. They achieved it at the fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time team dedicated towards our SEO goals. Thank you Searchify!

Maureen Smith
Owner of Soap & More Canada

“Reluctant at first, WOWED later"

As a content marketer and brand strategist, I am always
on the lookout for tools to make my job more efficient. I've tried many content generation tools but nothing has come close to the accuracy Searchify has been able to provide. Many of the other competitor analysis tools have been helpful to pass on to my clients as a bonus. Forever grateful for finding this app! Thank you!"

Kathy Jorgensen
Independent Contractor

Let's get you to #1, together.