Rectangle Design

Ideas come first at Rectangle - Shane Rennie

Rectangle Design is NOT your run-of-the-mill homebuilder - we had to bring something special to the table.

Having the opportunity to work with a client like Rectangle was a monumental moment for us at Searchify. If there's one thing we hold in high esteem, it's that we love to work with those who push their craft to the absolute bleeding edge. Admittedly, we as a company who at the time were in our infancy stage, had to make iterations to our value proposition and additions to our portfolio prior to catching the eye of Shane Rennie. As someone who takes the functionality and subjectivity of architecture and design very seriously, Shane was very specific of what he was in search for. His philosophy on homebuilding can be boiled down to (in our words) a true embodiment of the meaning "one-of-one".

An avant-garde approach to discovery?

Rectangle Design hired us for talents outside of our scope of services at the time, something that we rarely but sometimes consider if the company fit, and offer being advertised is in our repertoire. Those services being google ads, as opposed to SEO (our bread and butter), as well as commercial curation, and a campaign around subsequent commercials after the initial shoot. There is something so special about seeing a client NOT ONLY give a written testimonial, but a video testimonial shot in the style of a home walkthrough. To us at Searchify, this had to be the pinnacle of customer satisfaction, after all there is nothing more personal and tangible than giving someone's entire living space a full on touch of reconstructive surgical genius.

Minimal, minimal, minimal...

Whether it came to ad-copy, commercial style, post production editing - Shane always leaned in the direction of classic, easily understood, and simplistic. However, as the saying goes "Let the painter paint" Shane graciously gave us full creative control with Rectangle Design's commercial perception, which in our industry is both a massive compliment, and greatly appreciated. The criteria for a successful commercial made for a smart strategy. Especially in the case of a niche homebuilder looking to create something special for a hyper-specific demographic of individuals. It became very clear that companies with skin in the game are more matter of fact, and they believe their demographic are of the same mentality.

Lights, camera, action!

3 high budget commercials directed, produced and edited, from start to finish and counting.

Over 1,000,000+ impressions yielded via Google and Instagram Ads in specifically targeted areas of the city.

A hyper-niche Google Ad campaign targeted to a small demographic of potential clientele for current or future business conversion.

1 client signed via word of mouth valued at high 6 figure amount.

You know where to find us

For those who would like to learn more about Shane Rennie, the visionary behind Rectangle Design, or would like to inquire about a possible project with Rectangle Design, please get in touch with us or Rectangle Design directly.

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